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Squeeze in that Healthy Meal

I work a lot of long hours. This seriously cuts into not only my exercise time but my ability to put together healthy meals. What I end up eating is sometimes what crosses my path as I sprint from work to home. So to do better, I decided to follow a few guidelines.

Watching What You Buy

Taking a few minutes to plan my meals, making a list before I buy my weekly groceries can seriously help make better decisions. It can also take the time and stress away from figuring out what I am going to eat.

Avoid Temptation

I don’t shop the isles at grocery stores, in NYC you just can’t. A friend of mine uses FreshDirect each week and swears by it. It streamlines your shopping, and your grocery list is stored in the system to save you time with future orders.

Also, going to the grocery store hungry is a big NO. But if you have to, eat something healthy either on your way to the store or as you shop. Like green beans.

Love Cooking

According to research we spend more time watching cooking shows than we spend cooking in the kitchen. Nighttime meals don’t have to be fancy. Eggs aren’t just for breakfast. Make a BLT or a stir fry, which takes about 15 minutes.

Frozen veggies are great when you need a quick addition. If you think about it, it may actually take less time to make your food than to order it.

Timesaving Tricks

Thinking ahead really does help. If you’ve already shopped for your staple ingredients for dinner, you can

chop up two kinds of veggies or boil brown rice and pasta on the stove at once to prepare two meals.

I also make enough for the next day for lunch.

What are your tips for staying on track when you are scraped for time?

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