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Dylan Sage 14 Months

Dylan Sage 14 Months

Finish this sentence: Having a toddler is......

These last two months have taught me that there are a number of ways to finish that sentence. Fun and terrifying are currently the two that are really leading the charge.


Dylan's vocabulary is blowing me away. The word choice is not always right, but her excitement when she realizes I know what she is talking about it beyond words. She has truly mastered "mama," "dada," "papa" (this means grandpa), "baby," book," "bird," "outside," "up," "apple," "ball," "please" and "walk." 


Her obsession with birds is growing. We went to Bambinis this past weekend and she couldn't believe it when the birds spoke back to her. She looked at me with this face that just said "did that just happen?"


She will "quack," "baa," "moo," and "roar." She does all of this while we are reading books for the millionth time.


Dylan has also taken to wanting to have George or her Baby do everything with her. This has helped immensely for getting her to brush her teeth. She brushes George's teeth and then her own. I also may have taught her to spit, which is the cutest thing ever.  

Her other obsession is her belly button. She likes to pick her shirt up and then asks everyone else in the room to show her their belly buttons.  


She started walking a few weeks after her birthday and she's getting really fast. Her little run to chase you is hilarious and her dance moves are top notch. The whole body gets into it, especially when Daniel Tiger comes on. 

The challenges though. Oh is this child headstrong. She is refusing to get dressed unless she picks her outfit herself. She will try to pull the shirt off until you help her. Getting in the car seat is awful. It can take us 20 minutes to just get her strapped in.

She's been throwing her food on the floor, and if we say "no" to anything she laughs like a little devil child.


But she's not a devil child....right?

She's also taken to stacking and lining up different items around the house. Her favorite is taking out shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles and putting them on the side of the tub or on the shelf in the shower. It's weird. 

BBG 1: All Done

BBG 1: All Done

BBG: Month Two Complete

BBG: Month Two Complete